Pronosticuri Sigure 14-05-2016

Pronosticuri Sigure 14-05-2016

Tara Meciurile din data 14-05-2016 Pont Sigur
PSG – Nantes 1
Monaco – Montpellier 1
Napoli – Frosinone 1
La Coruna – Real Madrid 2

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  35. So well written, John. And so, so true. Such is our lives — whether I was living in EA or now back in NC, I do feel like our worlds are a revolving door of dear, dear people and I am so thankful for the sweet seasons I have with different friends. I may or may not have sat in staff meeting this past week weeping with a few dear friends leaving and moving on to other things. Just really identify with what you’ve written here. Hope you are well.

  36. 16 runs against Boston today and I say Manny who? Now just get rid of Dan “no hit” Johnson and we can have a parade. Seriously though it was like all the runs we should have scored caught up. Now I just hope we get a boost of confidence from this and start to actually produce from here on.

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  57. WOW, thanks. I remember our time together at Stoneridge Mall it was a great time… we had some zingers to work with Larry and Zoila make me laugh and cry, too. I wish I could go back in time and right some wrongs… but that is what makes me (and you) who we are. Thanks for stopping by and following along!

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  65. Thank you for this beautiful post. You know, I find it quite ironic and satisfying that this great day of celebration happened right smack dab in the middle of a time when our freedoms are being threatened daily, more than ever. Very inspiring!

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