Pronosticuri Sigure 23-05-2016

Pronosticuri Sigure 23-05-2016

Tara Meciurile din data 23-05-2016 Pont Sigur
Malmo FF – Falkenbergs peste 1,5 goluri
Panathinaikos – AEK peste 1,5 goluri
Brondby – Viborg peste 1,5 goluri
Panionios – PAOK peste 1,5 goluri

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  2. right, there are nuances and details to the stem cell research issue that I didn’t feature in the cartoon to which you refer(from a while back.) But I’m not claiming to be a news agency, nor do I have the space in a single panel comic to address those kinds of details. On this blog, I don’t hide my political views but I also try to be honest about what I know – that these are my impressions and I am not an expert. Perhaps I should be more diligent in those efforts. Thanks for the comments.

  3. quieren los discos de circulo vicioso, solo tengo dos, 1 donde viene portero de noche en vinyl y el otro trae la cancion de mexico, este me parece es kct o es el otro no recuerdo pero bueno, en lo que lo piensan y responden los busco en el baul del senil, aprobechando quien tiene la caja de un grupo español que graba o grababa en monster records, el grupo se es LA SECTA la caja es de 7″ la compro, la compra es cosa seria claro depende el presio y la aceptacion de la forma de pago,

  4. Jan04 Well, just because the racers and their staff are drug-free doesn’t mean they can’t hire the frequently drunken, stoned graphic designers… I don’t think a team would get disqualified from the Tour de France if their jerseys were designed by a pothead.

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  7. Just a quick note to Zach – there are instances where the ‘is’ is pluralized by using ‘es’. Diagnosis, diagnoses for example. Mostly applies to words that are derived from a Latin root word – not sure about penis. Oh, and a word ending in ‘us’ not always pluralized with ‘i’. Virus, for example. Virus, viruses. Don’t ya just love the sensibility and consistency of the English language? LOL!

  8. there. Let me give you one (Just wait for the body to float) that was said by some of the people there. As a family member, imagine how will you feel. What if the person was your father? Our own family had to seek permission from the Malaysian authorities. Why? Through this whole incident, we just hoped that no such occurance will happen again. Though you’re a loyal true blue Singaporean, please put youself in our shoes before posting such unnecessary remarks.

  9. tracey · Hi Nico – Now that you say it, I think I’m edging towards preferring the first explanation too. I definitely agree that when we are feeling ‘under the weather’ we want to be somewhere safe, warm and protected from the elements … that’s just lovely!Thanks (as always) for stopping by – I’m really glad I’m feeling better too … it took me AGES to feel half human again (and not having an appetite was THE WORST!). All good now though – I’m back to my usual irritable and cranky self at work!

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  32. I turned 50 this year. It was bittersweet. I feel like I should have accomplished more in that time. Also, I went on a Missions/Vision trip to Northern Ireland which eventually resulted in our church giving over $10,000 to Convoy of Hope. The best part of the year was spending it with friends and family like you and Rochelle and little Madelynn!

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  38. Ugh. I’m a Republican and I agree that the “War on Christmas” people are just making idiots of themselves. You’re right: they’re every bit as uptight and overly sensitive as they claim liberals are.(I’ve actually been posting almost every day, but that’s mostly because a lot of what’s on my blog is stuff that was already written awhile ago, mostly for school.)

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  53. if I crack and screw up a meal, let’s call it a cheat meal, but not let it turn into a cheat day! Words to live by. Because this is about living too. Love you back Bev. You are an inspiration!

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  55. The outrage is there…I am personally outraged by my faith being hijacked by people bent on using it to control society, the banks who own the senate and a two party system that cares more about power then solutions…I can’t vote Republican because their agenda not only offends me, but is trying to go back to a time we have fought hard to overcome. If I don’t vote Democrat I’m throwing my vote away…our nation has hit a fork in the road and I just pray we don’t …

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  70. Once again I am in complete agreement with Gazza: star rating, joy, fun, loving the pangram and Ninas and everything. I decided it was too hard to pick favourite clues but I agree with your ‘plumpings’. Superb, thank you very much Elgar. Thanks to Gazza too.I have a feeling that the rest of the weeks Toughies won’t match today’s and yesterday’s offerings. Fingers crossed I am proved wrong.

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